Begin Transmission

When your mind is all your have left...

It's 5020 and in an effort to save her tarnished image, Chief Science Officer, Gibbs embarks upon a mission aboard the startship Aoife to evaluate a newly discovered biotic mass on the humid planet of Issa. With a less than qualified crew hand-chosen by the Assembly, CSO, Gibbs and her science team find themselves in a fight for their minds and ultimately for the minds of all those they left behind on Earth. What will they find on the seemingly tranquil paradise planet Issa? Will a single derelict transmission reveal the truth?

    • Genre: Sci-Fi
    • Release Day: Every Other Wednesday
    • Language: English

  • The Cast

    • Tressa Sanders -------------------- Samantha Gibbs, Chief Science Officer - (Lead)

    • Nicola Saffren -------------------- Assembly Rep - (Supporting)

    • Devin Ward -------------------- Computer - (Supporting)

    • Roger Dos Santos -------------------- Podcast Intro Computer - (Featured)

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