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Gravity Groove Pictures is an independent film and production company producing life-inspired film art for the socially aware. Please, feel free to enjoy some of our latest titles and stay tuned for our future releases.

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Gravity Groove IS Art

Documentary Films

Gravity Groove Picture specializes in inspiring documentary film projects featuring travel adventures, nature, off-grid and nomadic living, LGBT stories, minimalism, homesteading and intriguing biographies. Diversity and inclusion are also an important part of our filmmaking process.

Film Noir Dramas

In the true spirit of old black and white film noir movies, Gravity Groove also produces vintage style film noir projects. These films are not neo noir movies with modern themes. They are shot on black and white film and offer the classic noir style crime stories we all love.

Film Photography

In 2016, Gravity Groove expanded its art to include film photography; shooting 35mm, medium and large format films using a variety of new and vintage cameras. Gravity Groove also shoots expired and specialty films as well. Black and white film remains the film stock of choice.


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